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The Master Mind Brent Webb

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Variety Act

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Cleveland, Ohio

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Brent Webb will astound you! It's just that simple. He sees with your eyes! He hears with your ears! He thinks with YOUR mind! ​ Brent predicts your actions and thoughts with uncanny accuracy, from the name of your first love to the amount of change in your pocket. He performs a high speed, interactive, full stage extravaganza that will have you questioning what is real and unreal. ​ Webb’s show is a breathtaking, dramatic, and energetic voyage to the farthest reaches of your mind! ​ Combining creative thought with a knack for knowing exactly what his clients need, and his audience craves, Brent is an expert in corporate event planning and a master of unique and thrilling stage spectacles all over The World!

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The Master Mind Brent Webb

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