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Cirque -Style Acts – Electric Jugglers, Mystery Guest, Red Harlequin, Lady in White and MORE!

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An inventive, high-tech juggling performance that incorporates world-class technique, intricate choreography and unique custom-built technology. Set to a dramatic soundtrack, complex juggling patterns are performed in partial light and black light, with computer-controlled props to produce a breathtaking visual experience. A microprocessor at the heart of every club/ball controls internal light-emitting arrays allowing the clubs/balls to change color, strobe and synchronize with the music. This beautiful and unique show has been performed throughout Europe, America and Asia and never fails to captivate and intrigue the audience. One of the most accomplished Jugglers in the circus industry! RESUME Corporate Events – 1995 – Present Circus Circus Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV – 2000-2002 Cirque Ingenieux – USA – 1999 Variety 'Son Y Mar' – Mallorca, Spain – 1997-1998 Circus Roncalli – Germany – 1995-1996 Participated in the National Russion Circus Festival – Moscow, Russia – 1995 Participated in the Monte Carlo Circus Festival – Monaco – 1995 Circus Knie – Switzerland – 1994 Big Apple Circus – USA – 1992 -1993 Latin America Tour – 1991 Gold Medal at Cirque de Demain International Festival – Paris, France – 1986 Soviet State Circus – 1982-1990 Graduated from the State College of Circus and Theater Arts – Russia – 1978-1982. Elena is one of the most sought-after contortionists in the circus industry. With years of touring with the Moscow Circus, and countless corporate, television and cirque performances, Elena's contortion act, 'Lady in White' is one not to be missed! The 'Red Harlequin' juggling act is one of the most amazing performances of its kind in the world. With literally hundreds of successful shows ranging from circus to corporate performances, you will be hard-pressed to find an act of this caliber, short of turning on the Bravo Channel when they are airing cirque performances, or visiting the Las Vegas strip! This is the perfect stand-alone act for the ultimate in "WOW" factor, or combines seamlessly into any themed show format. 'Mystery Guest' is not your ordinary juggling act. Different from flying objects in the air, this act masters the manipulation of 'bounce' juggling. The balls are juggled while bouncing off the floor… in ways and patterns that truly mesmerize! Very few jugglers are proficient with 5 or more items in the air. 'Mystery Guest' accomplishes this feat with ease… while bouncing balls off the ground!

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Cirque -Style Acts - Electric Jugglers, Mystery Guest, Red Harlequin, Lady in White and MORE!

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