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ROAMING ACTS/GREETERS – Rose Lades – These glamorous characters stun with their elegance and beauty. Blending boundaries between decor and entertainment, Rose Ladies in their hand-made costumes covered in red roses enliven any event. Puff Ladies – Sweet dreams are made of this! Let yourself indulge in an atmosphere of dolce vita with the Puff Ladies in a world where high fashion meets a fantasy land. Flower Heads – These characters wear flawlessly arranged pots of flowers as their heads. As they promenade around your event space, they will create a highly surreal, but very photogenic sight. Ideal for spring and summer events, and many others where this classic, but off-the-wall act will add colour and fun to the occasion. Mirror People – Mirror Men are the A-stars of the Creativiva selection of roaming characters. The special materials comes from Germany and the costume consists of almost 1,000 shiny mirror pieces each! Mirror Men are always a hit at any corporate event. Neos – Neos are a study on geometry of shapes, power of colour, and movement and statics. These visually vibrant characters represent a fuse of technicolour energy and a pure artistic feeling of suprematism.  Chromatique – Chromatiques will immerse the audience of any event into the vibrant world of colours. These characters radiate fun, energy and excitement. Illuminated Stars – The Illuminated Stars are inflatable and are equipped with LED lights. There is a performer inside of a costume who controls the LED lights and a movement of the Star. The Star with the help of a performer inside reacts to the touches of attendees by changing the light colour and moving its spikes. The Illuminated Stars are a perfect example of high-tech interactive event entertainment. Event attendees are always fascinated by the Stars and the way the Stars interact with them. Polar Bears and Eskimo Ladies – Unique, custom-made realistic polar bear costumes equipped with sound effects make these characters elevate guest experience for any winter-themed event. Accompanied by their beautiful handlers from the North, the Polar Bears will make your event unforgettable.  STAGE ACTS – LED Dance – The mysterious LED Dance embodies grace and power of the light. The journey of the light that brings hope and happiness is told by the sublime beauty of this captivating dance. Laser Disco Dance – A unique dance show performed by dancers wearing futuristic costumes and using laser props creates a visually stunning performance. LED Ballet – What could possibly make ballet more beautiful? This tech twist brought to the classic art would have event guests throwing 3D printed roses on stage as soon as the curtain drops. These ballerinas wear LED-lit tutus to create enchanting experience for any event.   Chromatique The CHROMATIQUE show will immerse the audience into the vibrant world of colour, light and sound. The innovative and unconventional performances radiate fun, energy and excitement. Combining art, music and technology, CHROMATIQUE is an entertainment phenomenon full of surprises and spectacular effects. STAGE SHOWS – Dream-maker 1 – Ladies and gentlemen! You all will enter your dreams in 3, 2, 1… Welcome to the surreal world of the Dream Maker. Take off on a journey with our cast of circus performers and dancers into the depths of the unconscious where anything can happen and dreams do come true. Set in the dreamscape of our imaginations, The Dream Maker is a kaleidoscope of dance, music and circus performances including juggling, a cyr wheel act and an aerial silks act. Dream-maker 2 – Take off on a journey with our cast of circus performers and dancers into the depths of the unconscious where anything can happen and dreams do come true. An extended version of the Dream Maker show features a breathtaking hand-to-hand duo performance and a spectacular high-energy aerial violin number. Custom Show Production – Entertainment is a way of communicating to your audience. At Creativiva, we develop one-of-kind customized content with high impact based on your event or a campaign theme. First, we create a unique vision to match and serve your event planning process, designed to suit your needs, audience and venue. Once we develop the custom creative concept, we plan out every details step-by-step. We do not simply produce or book entertainment acts – we craft a holistic experience that reflects and complements the reason for your event. Finally, event execution brings the plan to life creating a unique and memorable performance for your audience.

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CREATIVIVA Acts and Shows

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