Do you only offer Exclusive Talent Management Contracts?


Depending on the caliber of your act, some of our Agents may be willing to allow you to continue to book yourself, and/or work with other Agents. In these scenarios, performers are generally pre-established with a steady stream of bookings. Their schedules have become so busy, and they are receiving too many booking requests to properly manage themselves. These individuals/groups also tend to have their promotional materials, websites and marketing large and by completed. They really only need a Talent Manager to assume the managerial and booking duties that have become a strain on their day-to-day affairs. At this point, quality of act and attached elements tends to stagnate, or decline. Our Talent Managers can breathe fresh life into performers who are under situations described above, providing an opportunistic situation for Talent and Agent-alike. In these instances, degree of exclusivity can be negotiated, depending on roles and duties attached to the Talent Management Contract.


For Artists who have stellar acts, but are having difficulties developing them further, and/or have been unable to procure ample bookings, “Talent Development” may be in order. This involves a Talent Manager’s expenditure of time, energy and perhaps even money into launching an Artist’s career. In exchange for the rigors they must undergo to properly represent the Talent, an Exclusive Talent Management Contract is a more than likely scenario.


There are no hard and fast rules that define whether a Talent Manager / Artist relationship should be Exclusive or Non-Exclusive. Every relationship and Contract requires special care, consideration and evaluation. Often times, adjustments need to be made AFTER Agreements have been signed, based on unforeseen outcomes, good or bad. Just know that here at Entertainment Caterers, we are truly seeking a “Win-Win” arrangement for both Artist and Talent Manager. You will find our transparency and timely communication a breath of fresh air. We are one of the few Agencies who actually Cc: our Talents in our Email correspondences (If they so instruct/desire). There are absolutely zero typical, exorbitant behind-the-scenes mark-ups going on here. It does us no good to exploit our Talent. Our reputation is all we have, and we want it to be the best in the Talent Industry!