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DJ Michael Wycoff AKA DJ Krypton

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Quick Info: -DJ Krypton (Michael Wycoff) -Voted Norwegian Cruise Line Best Fleet DJ an unprecedented 8 times! -"Triple Threat" DJ: Dynamic Turtablist; Accomlished MC; Interactive Dancer -Well-versed in ALL musical genres Coming from a long line of family musicians (His uncle co-produced one of Barry White's Gold Albums. His father, Michael Wycoff, Sr. recorded "I've Been Looking Up to You", a song later sampled by the R&B group Zhane), it was inevitable that Michael would somehow be involved in the entertainment industry. At the age of sixteen, he began DJ'ing parties in his Los Angeles hometown. His popularity spread for his ability to throw different music styles together in ways that were not expected for someone of his young age. At the age of seventeen, he began working in college radio, picking up the afternoon shift at KHCR 530 AM in Los Angeles. His live lunchtime party mixes quickly became a high point of the day on campus. Those in charge also began to notice that he had a quick wit, and good sense of humor and began using him to host various promotions to boost popularity with the student body. People soon found out that he was as good in front of a crowd as he was behind a set of turntables. Over the next two years, Michael, now known as DJ Mike, would hone his ability to both mix and entertain on a microphone to a level that gained him respect from both his peers and his supervisors. It would also lead to a big name company drafting him into their ranks. At the age of nineteen, when most people are still deciding what they want to do, Michael found himself receiving a job offer from Norwegian Cruise Lines to become one of their DJ's. It was this job that would take him to his next stage of evolution. Thrust into an environment whose clientele change completely every seven days, he quickly became a DJ known for his ability to adapt his style at the drop of a hat. He was instrumental in helping redesign and program the music for several of the ships' themed music nights, such as the 50's/60's sock hop, 70's disco party, 80's theme night and even country night. Beyond that, with a captive audience of sizes from 1,200 to 3,000, his nightclub parties were legendary within the company, many of them going on for 7 hours straight. When asked how he manages to DJ for long stretches of time, he smiled, saying, "I'm having just as much fun as they are and I don't want the music to stop either". His ability to entertain the cruise ship crowds, both in the night clubs and on the microphone while hosting various games and activities onboard made him a DJ each Director of Entertainment wanted on their ship. Rising through the ranks of the twenty eight DJ's in the fleet, he was often requested to do a contract on a ship and then fly to another to boost their nightclub scene. In 2005, nine years after he originally began with NCL, he was handpicked to help with the company's newest venture, Norwegian Cruise Lines America, the first American flagged cruise ship in over forty years. Making the 'Pride of Aloha' his home, he once again climbed to the top name, earning him the spot of being hand picked to help launch the freshly built 'Pride Of Hawaii' in May of 2006. With his wide range of musical styles, his quick-witted humor, high energy mix sets that are known to even make him dance while working, DJ Mike, is a balanced combination of professionalism, energy, creativity, humor and sheer entertainment that you just have to see to believe. In his own words he says, "I thoroughly enjoy doing what I do, and I try to make sure this shows every time I step into the DJ booth".

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DJ Michael Wycoff AKA DJ Krypton

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