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DJ QUE – Resident DJ at Premier Las Vegas Nightclubs

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Disc Jockey

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Las Vegas

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DJ Que grew up in Las Vegas, and much like fellow DJs who have lived in the area all their lives, it was hard for him to ignore the allure of all the bright lights and entertainment. It was only a matter of time before Que became hooked. His budding interest in music led him to explore all different genres. Mix and matching all these different styles led him to creating new and exciting remixes. He focused on scratches and bass drops to bring a truly unique sound to his music. It was something that was not heard so much when he started spinning over 8 years ago. True to the West Coast style, DJ QUE brings intense bass drops with unheard of precision in scratching, all the while creating a truly unique sound all of his own. Combined with the energy and enthusiasm of club-goers, DJ QUE’s performance is an ENERGY-packed dance floor adventure. Since he started performing at parties in the area, DJ Que quickly made a name for himself and took cues from fellow Vegas DJs such as DJ Vice, OB One and other famous jocks. By making these connections, he was able to gain more and more exposure, and before too long, became one of the most recognized music masters on The Strip. As he honed his skills, club promoters and fans started to take notice. His unbridled energy performance energy was more like a partying club-goer than a DJ. It was this enthusiasm that eventually landed him residencies at some of the hottest clubs on The Strip.

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DJ QUE - Resident DJ at Premier Las Vegas Nightclubs

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