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Zowie Bowie – Dance, Hip Hop, Top 40 and Classic Las Vegas

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Zowie Bowie has fast become one of the most well-known acts in Las Vegas, most recently bringing a unique blend of today's hottest Dance, Hip Hop, Top 40 and Classic Las Vegas music to audiences every week as headliners at Monte Carlo Las Vegas Resort & Casino. They are now enjoying their return to where it all started at Red Rock. Chris Phillips and his beautiful female celebrity guest vocalists are Las Vegas’ perfect act – perfect bodies, perfect smiles and perfect tans that accentuate perfect teeth. They have stylish hair, chic wardrobes, lots of bling, energy to burn and enthusiasm that gets a room rocking. Chris Phillips and company, better known as Zowie Bowie, are the poster band for smart, snappy, sexy sizzling entertainers. After finishing their Vintage Vegas Big Band show at the Monte Carlo, they are now electrifying audiences every Friday night at the Red Rock Casino. Although they can perform Hip Hop, Dance and Top 40 with the best of them, it is the Vintage music that Chris truly loves! In the early days in Scottsdale, Phillips was performing as Zowie Bowie, borrowing the name of rocker David Bowie’s son, who now uses the name Duncan Jones. “I chose Zowie because I didn’t think people would pay to see Chris Phillips,” says Phillips. “I had to have a name that made sense. I never claimed to be the son of David Bowie, I was just promoting the Zowie Bowie frame of mind.” Almost from the beginning, they were Scottsdale’s hottest act, performing three nights a week at a luxury club. “We’d play for 4,000 people on a weekend”, Phillips says. “We were kind of a phenomenon. Scottsdale isn’t known as an entertainment hotbed.” The act had their eyes on Vegas and Vegas had its eyes on them. Several years ago, Station Casinos brought them to headline at Red Rock, where they routinely packed in fans. “More than 600 locals would come in every night,” says Phillips. “It was a giant party celebrating the spirit of Las Vegas.” The Vegas spirit is what it’s all about for Phillips. “My reason for being here in Las Vegas is to keep the essence of the vintage Vegas vibe alive,” says Phillips. “In my opinion, something that has gone by the wayside over past few years. I want to bring that back the style of music, the off-the-cuff show itself." “Our goal is to create a camaraderie among entertainers here in town, the way it used to be. A place to go where they can feel free to come up onstage and share in the revelry of celebrating Las Vegas. For me, personally, that’s my true passion, keeping that style of music and entertainment alive.” Phillips says he has dreamed of being a Vegas entertainer since he was 12. “Ever since I was a kid I always idolized Elvis and Sammy Davis Jr. and the flamboyant Vegas style entertainers,” he says. “So I very much have been into accessories and jewelry and stuff, even in elementary school. I have pictures of me in the fourth grade dressed like a mini-Elvis going to school." “I fantasized, I dreamed of being Wayne Newton or Bobby Darin. For me, it was about being indigenous to Las Vegas. I have no intention of going to Los Angeles or New York or anyplace else. I want to set up shop here and to be able to create an experience for people who come here. I want them to have that Vegas experience and have that perception of what they think Vegas is all about.” He says he wants to be a bridge between old and new Vegas. “We’re trying to bring that old Vegas spirit back in a modern-day show,” he says. When they aren’t performing locally, they spend a lot of time entertaining for corporate events across the country and doing a lot of charitable work. Locally they speak on behalf of Opportunity Village.

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Zowie Bowie - Dance, Hip Hop, Top 40 and Classic Las Vegas

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