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Anna Jack – LED Hula Hoops

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Cirque Act

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New York City

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Anna Jack delivers a pulsating, action-packed hula hoop show that gets rave responses from her audiences. Every touch of the show is highly professional, from the costuming, exciting music and a thrilling exhibition of hula hoopery. Each movement in Anna’s show is choreographed with precision and style for big fan reaction. To add to the shows excitement, she has invested in the latest in Hula Hoop technology. From LED-lit, strobing hoops to LED-lit fire hoops. She has guaranteed that no one has ever seen her show before. It is truly one of a kind. A current regular on CBS "Late Night With David Letterman", Anna spent four years training at the Moscow Circus School before immigrating to the United States. Considered one of the best hoola hoop artists in the world, Anna has performed for The MTV Music Awards, MTV Latin American Awards, The 2002 Winter Olympics, Anti-Gravity Group, the Big Apple Circus, The Moscow Circus and has been on Broadway in "Circus Diva" and in the musical, "Barnum". Anna also performed in Baghdad, Iraq where she accompanied David Letterman to entertain the American troops for the holidays. She has appeared on many television shows, including "E! Entertainment" and "Late Night With Conan O'Brien", and at a number of parties and trade shows for various companies including Microsoft, McDonald's, Oldsmobile, Sears, P Diddy, George Lucas and Chrysler. She can also be seen in a national ad campaign for SONY. Aside from the hoola hoops, this experienced circus performer is well-versed in bungee dancing, hand balancing, aerial acts and performs with trained dogs.

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Anna Jack - LED Hula Hoops

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