With nearly 30 years in business, this question has no short answer. Suffice to say we have access to world class talents in most major cities, both inside and outside of the USA! You can search our Talent Roster at https://seanpmccabe.com

Our In-House Agent is:

Our Sub-Agents are comprised of some of the most recognized, accomplished and LICENSED Agents in the Industry. Once you apply, we will offer suggestions and provide you with direct links to our Sub-Agent bios.

Our Main Clientele come from the following Outlets:

  • Walt Disney World
  • Universal Studios
  • SeaWorld
  • Convention Centers across the USA
  • Assorted Hotels and Resorts, from Orlando to Las Vegas to Los Angeles and between
  • Assorted Las Vegas Hotels, Night Clubs and Country Clubs
  • Cruise Lines (Disney Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and more…)
  • Network Television
  • Film Industry
  • Commercial Magazines
  • International Accounts (Hong Kong Disney, Various Beijing Theatres, Central Group Thailand, etc.)
  • Other Agencies

…and Countless Companies, Corporations and Individuals spanning the Globe

  • 1991 – Formed as a Sole Proprietorship, DBA “Entertainment Caterers” specializing in Mobile Disc Jockey Services, Live Bands and Digital Audio Recording
  • 1998 – Incorporated, Entertainment Caterers, Inc. and expanded to wider array Talent and AV Production Services
  • 2001 – Licensed as a Florida State Talent Agency, License Number TA682
  • 2005 – Added Modeling Division and rebranded, DBA “EC Model & Talent Agency”
  • 2006 – Added Cirque Productions and Acts
  • 2007 – Added Exclusive “Empyreal Chinese Acrobats”
  • 2010 – Opened West Coast Branch Office in Las Vegas
  • 2012 – Opened International Branch Office in Bangkok
  • 2016 – Opened International Branch Office in Chiang Mai
  • 2020 – In the wake of COVID-19, started promoting Virtual Events
  • 2021 – In the aftermath of COVID-19, Sean P McCabe voluntarily dissolves his corporation, Entertainment Caterers, Inc. and strikes out on his own as an Independent Event Producer.

Fee Schedule

We NEVER charge any fees of any kind, whatsoever! The only thing you stand to do working with us is to MAKE MONEY!


We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover*, bank transfer (ACH), company and certified checks.

*All non-slide through credit card transactions entail a 3.5% “Convenience Fee”.

We pay electronically, by mail or in person no later than one (1) week following completion of the event and/or receipt of payment in full by Client.

Talent Management

  • Casting Director is the person responsible for assigning roles in a movie, play or production.
  • Talent Manager, also known as an Artist ManagerBand Manager or Music Manager is an individual or company who guides the professional career of Artists in the entertainment industry.
  • A Talent Agent, or Booking Agent, is a person who finds jobs for actors, authors, film directors, film producers, musicians, models, professional athletes, writers, screenwriters, broadcast journalists and other people in various entertainment or broadcast businesses.

It is a little known fact that most Artists fall short in at least one, if not many of the crucial marketing and talent development areas OUTSIDE of the performance arena. Yet, it always amazes us how many Artists try to “do it all”. It is no wonder why many only achieve lackluster results, if not flat out fail. How can you expect to make your act all it can be if you are spending hours upon hours building websites, editing video performance clips, sending out Emails, fielding client calls… basically trying to SELL YOURSELF. This is a total and complete recipe for failure! First off, unless you spent countless hours studying how to be an expert marketer, proficient Photoshop editor, salesperson and the list goes on… Sorry to say, but you are probably not qualified for the task. If you are qualified, you probably did not spend enough hours practicing and developing your act, and all elements surrounding it to perfection. Something has to give!

What we can do for you is take care of all aspects of the BUSINESS side of things, selling and marketing your talent so you can focus on the most important thing… YOUR ACT! Please ponder this question: If an Agent told you that for 20% of your talent fee, they would take care of all your booking, marketing, client communications and give you access to the most advanced IT Systems and Tools to accelerate your career, would you consider it? Let’s take this one step further:  If this Agent… or “Talent Manager” told you that they could package and present your act in a way that they could easily charge at least 20% more (often much higher!) than you are charging right now, so you could continue to make what you are already accustomed to, if not MORE, would you consider it now? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! This is what we can offer you here at Entertainment Caterers.*

*TALENT:  Please do keep in mind that our Talent Managers are not in abundant supply. They have active signed Artists working under them already, and their time and resources are limited. Should you apply for representation, please do make sure that you are in fact a, “World Class Talent”. The Services we offer are not readily available to all–on the contrary. It is our goal to match you with the right Talent Manager, both personality-wise and professional-wise.


Depending on the caliber of your act, some of our Agents may be willing to allow you to continue to book yourself, and/or work with other Agents. In these scenarios, performers are generally pre-established with a steady stream of bookings. Their schedules have become so busy, and they are receiving too many booking requests to properly manage themselves. These individuals/groups also tend to have their promotional materials, websites and marketing large and by completed. They really only need a Talent Manager to assume the managerial and booking duties that have become a strain on their day-to-day affairs. At this point, quality of act and attached elements tends to stagnate, or decline. Our Talent Managers can breathe fresh life into performers who are under situations described above, providing an opportunistic situation for Talent and Agent-alike. In these instances, degree of exclusivity can be negotiated, depending on roles and duties attached to the Talent Management Contract.


For Artists who have stellar acts, but are having difficulties developing them further, and/or have been unable to procure ample bookings, “Talent Development” may be in order. This involves a Talent Manager’s expenditure of time, energy and perhaps even money into launching an Artist’s career. In exchange for the rigors they must undergo to properly represent the Talent, an Exclusive Talent Management Contract is a more than likely scenario.


There are no hard and fast rules that define whether a Talent Manager / Artist relationship should be Exclusive or Non-Exclusive. Every relationship and Contract requires special care, consideration and evaluation. Often times, adjustments need to be made AFTER Agreements have been signed, based on unforeseen outcomes, good or bad. Just know that here at Entertainment Caterers, we are truly seeking a “Win-Win” arrangement for both Artist and Talent Manager. You will find our transparency and timely communication a breath of fresh air. We are one of the few Agencies who actually Cc: our Talents in our Email correspondences (If they so instruct/desire). There are absolutely zero typical, exorbitant behind-the-scenes mark-ups going on here. It does us no good to exploit our Talent. Our reputation is all we have, and we want it to be the best in the Talent Industry!